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The Genus Nepenthes Flower has been marked as a “preserved zone” at Bokor Mountain by the Sokha Hotels & Resorts. This initiative will help to keep this unique beautiful flowers to growth & expand wider for tourists to visit.

The genus Nepenthes were commonly known as “the tropical pitcher plants”, “Asian pitcher plans”, “Monkey cup”, or "Bampong Srormoch” and "Bampong Krorlom” in Khmer language. Nepenthes are long lianas that usually climb among neighbouring shrubs or trees, but can also scramble along the ground. They produce highly specialized leaves: at the end of the leaf blade (the normal looking leaf) arises the pitcher, which is connected to the leaf blade by a think tendril. The pitchers are seasonal in some species. In Cambodia, Pitcher production is low during the dry season, making it difficult for the untrained eye to recognize a Nepenthes plant.