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Sustainability Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility
Making a difference for Cambodia, our commitment is making social responsibility!

Our basis for this commitment is rooted deep in Khmer tradition, and we acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the strength of community, and the responsible treatment of the environment in which we all live, has a positive impact upon our business and consequently on the prosperity and security of the destinations where we operate.

At the heart of how we operate our business is our crucial responsibility to take a proactive role in making a positive difference in the communities that are home to our customers, our associates, and our business partners.

At Sokha Hotels & Resorts, we are proud of the role we have played thus far, supporting selected programmes that bring tangible results in aid of causes that support ecological sustainability and the welfare of underprivileged children and the elderly, especially in the areas of health and education.

We believe that strong, progressive communities are essential in the lasting success of any business. As our organisation continues to grow and evolve, we are evermore dedicated to taking a personal, unified approach in caring for our society and bringing about sustainable improvements where we can.