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Corporate Social Responsibility
Making a difference for Cambodia, our commitment is making social responsibility!

Sokha Hotels & Resorts has identified and established the following four key objectives to address our sustainability achievement.

  • Creating opportunities for talent growth and excellence

    We aim to continually raise the bar for product and service excellence in the markets where we are present, embracing change and looking out for new ideas to optimise and new goals to achieve. We aim to provide opportunities for others to gain more knowledge and experience, so they in turn can share these and together, contribute to the exciting growth of the tourism industry. We are committed to the training and education of our employees and to making them and our guests aware of the environmental issues and their role in this programme.

  • Caring for the environment

    Respect for Mother Earth is central to our business strategy. We aim to increase our operational efficiency through a greener approach – working to reduce our direct impact on the environment, and creating more sustainable ways of doing business. We are committed to the preservation of our environment practices according to best practice in the following key performance areas:

    • Water: Reducing water consumption through management of freshwater resources and Treating waste water to avoid polluting discharge
    • Energy: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency, conservation and management
    • Waste: Minimize waste production through reduction, reuse and recycling of products.
    • CO2e: Protecting the air quality both inside our buildings and outside and controlling noise pollution
  • Devoting toward best partnership:

    We are committed to working with Government agencies and departments as well as local business associations and our suppliers to help us achieve our goals.

  • Supporting our local communities & social culture

    We continue to take a community-driven approach to caring for our society through financial contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteer work by the different teams within our organisation. At Sokha Hotels & Resorts, we continue to help and support the local community in which we conduct business through our own environmental and social initiatives. Closest to our hearts are causes that alleviate hunger, poverty, and illnesses, particularly amongst children.