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Tour to Bokor Mountain is perhaps the most popular day trip around Sihanouk Ville. Thansur Bokor Highland Resort is the first and only highland resort in the Mekong Sub-Region amid pristine jungle wilderness and pleasant cool weather on the top of Bokor Mountain. The resort is located next to Bokor historical sites and surrounded by captivating nature views.

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort offers comfort and eco-friendly rooms and suites decked out with modern Khmer art and equipped with quality amenities. All guestrooms are comfortable served with world-class service. The Big Buffet restaurant indulges guests in a private area featuring western specialties dishes, Khmer’s signature dishes and extensive wine list.

Preah Monivong National Park known as Bokor National Park located in Teuk Chhou District, Kampot province. It is 1,075 metres high above sea level and about 11 kilometres from kampot town to the foot of the mountain and 32 kilometres from the foot to the cloudy peak. Bokor Mountain was found by the French in 1917 and developed into a resort in 1921. It was the famous summer escape for the French elites and royal family.

Bokor National Park is one of Cambodia’s most beautiful and most mystical national parks. It is popular for its cool mountain climate and remains a year-round favourite amongst locals and foreigners. It offers a breathtaking view from the hill top overlooking Cambodian coastal line and many beautiful offshore islands. the park consists of misty tropical jungles sprawling over mountains teeming with wildlife, fresh mountains streams and waterfalls. Bokor National Park is a place for ride, scenery, cool mountain air, adventure, and relaxation.

Sihanouk Ville is the port city located in the southwest of Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. Sihanouk Ville’s beaches are the popular tourist destination. Sihanouk Ville International Airport starts the flight on 14 December 2011. The town attracts tourists with its unspoiled pristine white sandy beach and untouched corals and sea creatures. In the last few years, it not only attracts the tourists but also attracts NGOs, foreign and national investors.

  • - Phsar Leu

    Phsar Leu is the town’s main market where you can buy almost anything, from local fresh fruit to Casio disco watches. It caters for locals rather than tourists, although there are some small souvenir stalls and a lot of popular local food to try.

  • - Wat Leu

    Wat Leu is commonly known as "Upper Wat" located on the mountaintop and 6 kilometres form provincial town. It is Sihanouk Ville’s historic and religious site known for its long story and unique architecture of the stone wall with white elephant head sculpture and huge statue of Lord Buddha made of black stones. It is one among 5 main Wats that offers the picturesque view of Sihanouk Ville town, international port and island nearby.

  • - Wat Krom

    Wat Krom is also known as “Lower Wat” situated 3 kilometres from the provincial town. It is one of the popular pagodas in Sihanouk Ville and regarded as a Sihanouk Ville historical site. Wat Kraom is located amidst the large landscaped forest. The tranquility and sacredness of the place attracts the travelers as well as those who are in search of peace.

  • - Angkor Beer Factory

    Angkor Brewery located at the top of Sihanouk Ville Mountain, it is the biggest brewery in Cambodia, producing hundred million cans of fresh beer a year. Angkor Brewery opened in 1963. Aside from Angkor Beer, it brews a variety of original Cambodia larger beers and stouts. The Brewery usually opens at 3 pm to 5 pm for visitors. Guests can access to free beer, Pepsi or 7up while visiting.